Since I was a little girl, I have been reading and learning about dogs, it is a real passion for me! A few years in the dogsledding world and a canine behaviour course later, here I am with those amazing hunters!

The passion for the dogo argentino was transmitted to me by Jeffrey who is a third generation Outfiter.
He also is a Proffessional Hunter and Fishing guide in northern Quebec, Canada. So we wanted a dog that would be in its element with Jeffrey 's life style. He had met a dogo few years ago, and fell in love with this calm and strong white giant.

So we bought a really good book, the first one by Paulo Vianini, The Dogo Argentino. We learned so much from this book, and even today it is still a great reference from time to time!

After a lot of research on the web, we decided to give our confidence to Ulises d’Andrea Nores and his family, he is Antonio Nores Martinez’s grand son . We imported 3 beautiful dogs from this kennel, they arrived in Canada in January 2006. They are a source of joy since that day. And we became dogo argentino breeder...

Our philosophy about…

The food : We are feeding our dogs with raw meet, a mix of chicken, beef, salmon, and cooked eggs.

Physical exercise : We think it is the basic key of mental and physical health of any dog. We train our dogs everyday, we make them run, play with each other to give them as much stimulation and training as they need.

Hunting : We make our reproducers selection in function of their hunting abilities. To be selected as a stud or a breeding female a dogo argentino should be conform to the standard, have a stable temperament , be perfectly healthy and has to show ability for the big game hunt.

Family : The dogo argentino is a very sociable dog, extremely affectionate, he is especially good with children. He will protect his home and family, and will love them forever. We are always really happy to have our puppies adopted by families, where they have kids to play with, it is another side of their amazing personality!

We can ship our dogo argentino puppies eveywhere in the world, to the right people, just contact us!

We are really happy to welcome you on our new website, and wish you a nice visit!

Sophie & Jeffrey

A little more about us